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Screen shot of a current project, testing
how the page appears in Safari 5.0 OSX

I’m loving this online tool, Adobe Browserlab which provides real-time screenshots of web pages for online cross-browser testing.

An important step in website production involves testing to make sure the website is appearing properly in various browsers and operating systems. Ideally to do this, you would have both a Mac and PC loaded up with various versions of the most popular browsers (or use a program similar to Parallels) that would allow for this type of testing. However, sometimes this set-up isn’t possible and Adobe Browserlab provides a great way to quickly test webpages to see how they looks in different browsers.

While Adobe Browserlab doesn’t show you how the website is functioning (it only gives you screenshots), it’s a great tool for checking sites as you are building them.

This version of Adobe Browserlab currently tests the following:
Chrome 9.0 — Windows
Chrome 10.0 — Windows
Firefox 3.0 — OSX
Firefox 3.6 — Windows
Firefox 4.0 — Windows
Internet Explorer 6.0 — Windows
Internet Explorer 8.0 — Windows
Internet Explorer 9.0 — Windows
Safari 4.0 — OSX
Safari 5.0 — OSX

I found a posting on Web Monkey that provides a more in-depth description of Adobe Browserlab.

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