Adobe Creative Suite CS5

Posted by on May 4, 2010 in Lifelong Learning | No Comments

Today I attended a preview of the new release Adobe Creative Suite CS5. Highlights included:

Photoshop — a new feature called “Edit Puppet Work”, which allows you to radically edit artwork. It’s hard to explain the effect, but an example involved moving an elephant’s trunk to make it curl upwards. Another feature included an easier method for removing a complex background from an object, such as hair.

InDesign — cool features enabling you to export and save .swf or .fla files, generate HTML code, and make interactive files.

Illustrator — has a great new “perspective grid tool” that I could have used on some of my earlier illustrations.

Adobe’s CS5 is amazing, and I want to learn more about the new features. Eventually I will upgrade, but until then I will happily continue to use CS4.


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