When the target audience changes…

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Having a clear idea of who your target audience is helps you to create artwork that will resonate with them and be more effective. However, what if the targeted audience changes right before the artwork is due to be printed?

This happened while I was working on a design project at the Seattle Art Museum. Diwali Ball was a fundraising event created to raise money for the upcoming Gardens and Cosmos exhibit. Diwali, the “festival of lights”, is celebrated in many Indian communities and was the perfect theme. For this event, the museum was planning on having a DJ playing Bollywood music to accompany dancing, henna tattoos, drinks and Indian food. The original target audience for this event was young adults, 21 and over.

Initial Diwali Ball poster

Initial Diwali Ball poster

To create artwork for this event, I was inspired by henna tattoos and the bright colors that are traditionally used in Indian artwork. Since the DJ music was going to be a large part of this event, I decided to design artwork that combined all of these elements to create a fun poster, postcard and other marketing materials.
The clients loved it.

However, a few days before these pieces were supposed to go to press there was a big change in focus. Since young adults typically did not contribute much money to previous fundraising campaigns, it was decided that the campaign should feature a more traditional design that might appeal more to an older audience.


Graphic Designer on Project iBESTT

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UW LogoI’ve started a new job working as a graphic designer on a research project at University of Washington. Project iBESTT will develop, test, and refine training and implementation of materials for tablet technology that guides behavior assessment and intervention support in elementary and middle schools.

I’m excited to be working on this project and being back in a university setting. I still have a lot to learn about the project but this link describes more about our focus: Project iBESTT.

As this is a part-time position, I will continue to provide freelance graphic and web design services to clients.

PSESD Ends Reports

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PSESD Ends Reports

2011-12 Ends Reports (left) READY, ACHIEVE,
and (right) Executive Summary

Each year, the Superintendent delivers an Ends Report to the Board to document progress progress of the Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) in reaching its main end, “Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by 2020″. Two versions of the “2011-12 Ends Report” were created this year for specific audiences.

The first 48-page “READY, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED” version was created for the general public and was available as a downloadable pdf on the main website. This document contains information, graphs and tables detailing the progress of students in the region.

The second 8-page “Executive Summary was a summary of the larger report, highlighting the achievements of the past year.