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Jay Carskadden WordPress site

Jay Carskadden WordPress site
Designed by Jay Carskadden, site
development by Carol Tompkins

Recently I was hired by a local graphic designer, Jay Carskadden to build a website to promote her business, Jay Carskadden Graphic Design. After talking, we choose to use WordPress to create her website because of the features that WordPress offered and the ease of using this Content Management System.

Working with Jay’s design files, I created a website that features a custom portfolio gallery and blog. While there are WordPress themes (basic template designs for websites) available, I have been designing and building my own themes which allows websites to have their own individual look and features. Jay’s designs for her site had some unique features and we were able to create a website that closely matched her original concepts by creating a specific theme for her site.

One of the best features of WordPress is that it is very user friendly. Once the website was built, I spent a few hours showing Jay the basics of how WordPress works. After this Jay was able to go into her own site to update content on any of the pages and to start blogging. Visit her site and blog — she has a great portfolio and she’s been creating some interesting posts!

Working with Jay to build this website was a very enjoyable experience and her creativity allowed me to try new methods in order to achieve the look that she wanted for her website. Jay and I are currently “teaming up” to build another website for a new client.


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