Creating E-Books with InDesign CS5.5

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Recently I attended an Adobe workshop called “Create digital magazines, eBooks and more with InDesign CS5.5″. In this workshop, I learned more about creating ebooks and how InDesign CS5.5 can make the process easier.

Although 85% of all Adobe product users are still creating artwork for print, more people are starting to use smart phones, tablets and e-reading devices. As demand for digital media content grows, clients will be asking their designers to design for this media in addition to the standard print formats.

Designing for ebooks (or EPUBs, as Adobe calls them) is different from designing for print. While you can create ebook versions of printed material, ebooks handle content differently and can be challenging to work with. Where print can support multiple columns, ebooks are limited to a single column. Where print text is set to a point size that does not change, ebook text can be re-sized, causing the text to re-flow and fit the size or orientation of the device’s page. In addition, each device will render content differently depending upon its format or capabilities (e.g, a smart phone is narrower than most readers).

I’ve never tried to create an EPUB but it looks like a skill I’d like to learn and be able to offer to my clients. I will be experimenting with this soon.

Adobe has several resources with more information about this including an upcoming online seminar Digital Publishing: eBooks, eMagazines & Apps and Adobe TV has just posted a video, Create More Compelling EBOOKS with InDesign CS5.5 on their site.


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  1. Wendy Noritake
    September 13, 2011

    My writing teacher Brenda Peterson just signed a contract allowing her previously published books be digitized for Kindle. She also is selling the e-books for $6.95 and will allow people to share with others! This is what I wrote:

    Self-publishing is changing the face of traditional book publishing. It’s a very exciting time to be creating e-books, marketing, and publishing them.

    Thanks for posting what InDesign CS5.5 has to offer!


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