Design Is How It Works: How the Smartest Companies Turn Products into Icons

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Image of book: Design Is How It Works

My first introduction to this book was a captivating radio interview with the author, Jay Greene. In this book, Greene looks at how several companies such as OXO, Nike, Lego and REI design their products to create successful user experiences.

While there are many different design approaches, the most successful companies recognize that design is about creating something customers crave, filling an unspoken need and simply creating “something better”.

It requires knowing who your customers are and what they want or need. It also involves allowing the company (or yourself as a designer) to take risks by trying new approaches even if there is a possibility of failure. This book motivates you into being open to different ideas, being curious and being willing to try new methods as part of the design process.

While I am not a product designer, this book was very inspiring. I find myself looking more closely at products and companies­ — appreciating the thoughtful and innovative design processes that go into creating the user experiences that I love.

Listen to the KUOW 94.9 interview: Considering Product Design: How Products Become Icons and then buy the book.

“Experiences matter, and design can guide companies to create the ones customers want most”


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