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iBESTT web site

As the graphic designer on iBESTT, most of my work involves creating graphics and illustrations for use in training materials. However, since the project needed a simple website to provide information about iBESTT, this WordPress site was created.

Currently, the iBESTT app is only available to a limited number of schools as part of a pilot study, funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Therefore the main focus of this website is to provide information about the iBESTT Project to fellow researchers and to provide training materials to current users. In the future, the design and focus of this website will change drastically as iBESTT becomes available for use in more schools.

The design of this site was based on the design of the actual iBESTT app which is currently being used. Over next summer, the iBESTT app will be redesigned and in the fall, a new website will be created.

Visit site: www.ibestt.org

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