Pocket Beach Infographic Pocket Beach Infographic
SAM Map and Guide SAM Map and Guide
Glow Living Lights Campaign Glow Living Lights Campaign
“Reptiles Around the World” and “Robots” “Reptiles Around the World” and “Robots”
Water Quality of Small Lakes and Streams Report Water Quality of Small Lakes and Streams Report
iBESTT illustrations iBESTT illustrations
Tropical Butterfly House Tropical Butterfly House


Digital & traditional illustrations for infographics, product catalogs, videos and more.

I use a variety of methods to create illustrations including traditional and digital techniques. My illustrations have been used in posters, brochures, billboards, advertisements, direct mail campaigns, signage, product catalogs, technical manuals, videos and informational graphics.

I did not start out my career as an illustrator but over the years, I found myself creating illustrations for most of the organizations I’ve worked for. In many cases illustration has been preferred over photography for budgetary, creative and logistical reasons.