Class project: develop a website for teens

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Creation of a new website where teens can go to find help and information about their sexual health. The ultimate goal is to prevent teenage pregnancies and STD’s.

Client: Seattle University School of Nursing

Website Team: composed of students from the Seattle Central Community College Web Design and Web Development Programs.
Carol Tompkins: Project Lead and Designer
Jana Sheehan: Developer
Adam Funk: Designer
Trevor Curtis: Developer

Website Status: Our team will be building this website from the ground up. When the project started, there wasn’t even a name for the website or organization. Our team went through the initial “discovery phase”, which consisted of meeting with the client, creating a client survey, a user profile, a maintenance survey, and finally a project proposal. After researching, brainstorming (including asking a teenager for name suggestions), our client selected “” from our list of proposed names. “I Heard….” was a name suggestion from our 15 year old consultant!

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