Kathy Weinkle

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Kathy Weinkle WordPress site

Kathy Weinkle WordPress site
Designed by Jay Carskadden,
site development by Carol Tompkins

My latest project was building a WordPress site for Kathy Weinkle, M.Ed., a local life coach. This site was designed by Jay Carskadden and reflects Kathy’s colorful and positive personality. Jay wrote about the design process for this site on her blog.

For Kathy’s site, Jay designed the main menu using images for the navigation buttons. While this is the first time I had built a navigation like this in a WordPress site, I knew we wanted to use a three-state rollover navigation with an “active”, “hover” and a “current” state. There are many ways to potentially achieve this effect and after doing some research the best solution involved writing php code that allowed the “current” state to remain in place when the page was selected.

This is the second site I have worked on with Jay and each time we learn more about creating WordPress sites. Our client, Kathy Weinkle is very happy with her new website.


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