• Classroom during math class
  • Demi acting aggressively towards her classmate
  • Ms Brantley reminds Demi to be nice to her classmates
  • Steven becomes frustrated by his classwork
  • Steven crumples his paper
  • Demi raises her hand
  • Matthew reacts to classmates talking loudly
  • Students lining up at the front of the class
  • Mr. Adams observes Ms. Brantley in a classroom
  • Coach and teacher using iBESTT

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Project iBESTT Illustrations

Various illustrations created for the iBESTT app's training videos.

Client: Project iBESTT, College of Education, University of Washington

Role: Creating illustrations to demonstrate student's problem behaviors and teaching methods used to improve behaviors.

Results: Creating these illustrations made it easier to demonstrate problem behaviors that would have been difficult to film using actors.