Rocket Surgery Made Easy

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Steve Krug’s latest book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, outlines a streamlined approach to usability testing for websites and products.

FACT: Most websites have usability problems that can be easily found by user testing. Unfortunately there isn’t always the budget, time or the recognized need to conduct professional user testing. Because of this, Krug advocates that “everyone should be doing simple user testing”.

“Simple user testing” is conducted with a limited number of participants (3) who spend approximately 50 minutes testing the usability of a website by trying to complete requested tasks (i.e. how would you order a book from this site?) and asking them to “think out loud” as they use the site. Frequently the worst problems with a site are revealed by watching how these participants navigate through a website.

This kind of usability testing is done to get insight into how people are using the site and to discover if there are ways to improve the site. Krug suggests testing sites early — even at the design stage (sketches on the napkin!) and testing frequently — once a month. By taking notes about what the most important problems are at each stage, changes can be made to improve the site before the next round of testing.

Like his earlier book, Don’t Make Me Think, Krug’s informative writing style details the importance of usability in an enjoyable and straight-forward manner. This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to create a more effective, user friendly website.

Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug: a YouTube Usability Demo


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