Last week at Haring Center

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Haring Center

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work as a designer for some amazing organizations. My favorites include the Pacific Science Center, Seattle Art Museum and most recently, the Haring Center. Each these organizations provided me with the opportunity to do creative, meaningful work. I’ve loved working for each of these organizations.

Three years ago, I became a graphic designer on Project iBESTT, an educational research project at the UW’s Haring Center for Research and Training in Inclusive Education. My design work included creating the brand identity, presentation materials, informational graphics and illustrations for use in web-based training and marketing materials.

Shortly after, Haring Center hired me to rebuild their website. The website had been recently redesigned but they wanted the functionality of the site to be more user-friendly. While this was initially a temporary position, I was asked to stay on to manage the website, create new websites and to help with their marketing efforts. Some of the projects that I worked on included websites for Haring Center, Project DATA, Jump: A Haring Center Experience and various marketing campaigns.

This week is my last week working for Haring Center. I’ve been working remotely for Haring Center since my move to Portland and I am now training co-workers to take over the management of Haring Center’s websites.

I am constantly impressed by the work done at Haring Center. Everyone at Haring Center is doing amazing work to improve the lives of all children with and without disabilities. I will miss being a part of the University of Washington’s Haring Center.

The iBESTT Process

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The iBESTT 5-Step Process

Working for iBESTT has given me the opportunity to use more of my illustrations skills that I don’t often get to use. This infographic was created to help explain the process used with iBESTT, which begins with a teacher identifying a student that would benefit from iBESTT’s individual-student behavior supports.

Behavior support teams within the school manage teacher requests for help, and iBESTT coordinates each step of the process. Each person involved (teacher, team coach, team coordinator, and administrator or observer) has role-specific access to the steps needed to guide implementation of the intervention. Each step must be completed before continuing in the process.

During the next few months, most of my work for iBESTT will involve creating illustrations that will be used in our training videos.

Daily Infographic

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Daily Infographic
It seems everyone is using infographics these days, and it’s no wonder. Combining simple graphics with limited text to convey a concept can increase the chances that your message will be understood. This use of graphics has been around for a long time — from Egyptian hieroglyphs to a company’s annual report or PowerPoint presentation. However, lately there has been more effort put into making the data in charts, graphs and tables aesthetically appealing and accessible to a wider range of people.

Yesterday, one of my favorite sites, Daily Infographics posted their Top 10 Infographics of 2013. Each day, this site features a new informational graphic from the internet that attracted their attention. It’s a great place to get design ideas and learn more about the wide variety of topics covered in infographics.

Brussel SproutsIn looking at their favorite infographic from last year, “Pairing Wine & Food“, I can see that it will probably be difficult to find a good wine to pair with my Brussel sprouts tonight at dinner. Disaster averted!