Adding an RSS feed to websites

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Techniques | One Comment

RSS iconOver the last month, a few of my clients have asked me to add an RSS feed to their website so that visitors would be able to “subscribe” and receive updates to their blog posts.

In order to do this, I had to learn a bit more about what RSS feeds are. RSS or Rich Site Summary is a format for delivering regularly updated web content (like blog posts) to people who want the new content delivered directly to them. In the past, people would often “bookmark” sites that they liked and would have to visit those sites frequently to see if any new content had been added. A site with an RSS feed allows visitors to sign up to have these updates delivered to an RSS Reader automatically whenever new content is posted. Another option allows visitors to subscribe to an RSS feed email option, which delivers the feed directly to an email account.


CSS Image Sprites — Part 1

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On the latest website that I am working on, I decided to use the “image sprite” technique that I recently learned in a CreativeLive class, Website Makeover.

Often in websites, there is a need to create a series of several image links that are placed closed together (ie. navigation bars). When creating links you want to make the “active” and “hover” states visibly distinct. Traditionally, to create this effect, I would use at least two different images to create a “rollover effect”. While this works, the website has to upload both images. If you have several of these types of links, the load time required grows.

Using the image sprite technique, only one image is used and the site loads faster. Below is a sample of using one image sprite to create a series of social media links.