Road Map Race to the Top — Case Study: Wireframes

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When creating the wireframes for this project, I focused on how the content would be laid out on the “Home”, “Executive Committee” and “News” pages.


Washington Hall Wireframes

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Wireframes for wireframe “themes” created to present to the client.

Clients: Historic Seattle and 4Culture.

Website Status: Clients preferred Theme 3.

Detail of wireframes


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Wireframes for
Our team created five wireframe ‘themes’ to present to the client. We researched similar sites and favorite sites for teenagers to get a feel for what they like in websites and how they navigate through sites.

Client: Seattle University School of Nursing

Website Team:
Carol Tompkins: Project Lead and Designer
Adam Funk: Designer
Jana Sheehan: Developer
Trevor Curtis: Developer

Website Status: Our team presented these wireframe ‘themes’ to our client who preferred the first and second designs. As a team, we have decided to proceed with the first option since it is less ‘conservative’ and offer a more creative challenge. Our developers continue to explore the map/search options.