The Elements of User Experience

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The Elements of User Experience

I first read Jesse James Garrett”s book several years ago when I went back to school to get my Web Design Certification at Seattle Central Community College. At the time, I found this book to be an excellent explanation of how to develop a better “user experience” for web site users.

The Elements of User Experience discusses the various strategies and requirements that should be considered when planning a site. James also introduces a conceptual framework made up of 5 planes — the surface plane, skeleton plane, structure plane, scope plane and the strategy plane for understanding how decisions should be made in designing a website’s user experience.

Currently, I’m working as part of a team to redesign an existing site. When the site was originally created a year and a half ago, our team took the time to clarify what we wanted the site to accomplish, who our audience was, etc. While we felt that we had accurately defined “What” our site needed to be at the time, the needs of our site have changed and it’s time to reconsider what kind of site AND user experience we want to create. This book has been a great book to reread!


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